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2018-2020: Post-Diploma in Typographic Research, ENSAD Nancy (54), France

2014-2018: DNAP + DNSEP, ESADHAR Le Havre (76), France.

2012-2014: BTS DGCMI, Graphic Design and communication of printed media, Lycée Charles de Gaulle, Chaumont (52), France.

2009-2012: Bac STI Applied Arts, Lycée Jean Monnet, Yzeure (03), France.


February 21: Design of  curator tools for the UFA event, as part of Africa 2020.

December 20: Design of a poster for the UFA event, as part of Africa 2020.

November 20: Logo and lettering for the magician Florian Samain.

September 20: Artistic direction for 3rd edition of Radial de l'ESADHaR.

May 2020: Artistic direction for the project Tout Français est une (langue)étrangère, by Dr. Myriam Suchet, with the collective Formes Libres.

March 2019: Artistic direction of the sociologic municipal report by Dr. Thibaut Besozzi.

March 2017: Layout, execution and PAO task under the direction of Virgile Laguin, for the newspapers of Une Saison Graphique 2017.


September 2016 / November 2017: Artistic direction, realization of communication mediums for the exhibition Les Écrivaines Normandes du XVIe au XVIIIe by Orla SMYTH, at the University of Le Havre.




September 2020: Exhibition "Par elles-mêmes, Pour elles-mêmes" at Tetris (Le Havre, 76), on the occasion of Les Journées du Matrimoine.

September 2018: Exhibition at La Vitrine de Lorence Drocourt (Le Havre, 76).

March / May 2018: Workshop and exhibition alongside Raphaël Garnier and Alexandre Balgiü as part of their exhibition for Une Saison Graphique 2018 (assembly of a hybrid installation).


September 2017: Collective exhibition at the Gare SNCF du Havre as part of the WeLoveLH festival (V-ging).

May 2015: Assistance in setting up the exhibition by graphic designers Antoine + Manuel for Une Saison Graphique 2015.


April 2015: Assistance and execution for the graphic designer Yashu (Lille, France, 59)).


June 2013: Professional internship in the Printing / DTP department of the General Council of Allier (03)

December 2012: Professional internship at the Granjean offset printing house, Avermes (03)

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