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Edition 120 pages, NB, B5. 

Graphic and editorial design

(Based on an initial layout by Sonia Da Rocha)



"Do you want to write? Then write me every day (a sentence) (a poem) (a little word) (something short and worked) (whatever you want) (but write). "



Hypomnemata in the strict sense are techniques specifically designed to allow the production and transmission of memory, they are externalized supports of memory that allow us to expand our nervous memory. All individuation is inseparable from these externalized memory supports.

This book is a collection of daily poetry, written by the students of the Literary Creation Master section at the ESADHaR in Le Havre in 2017.

In keeping with its weekly character, the identity of the collection is based on the moon: its phases and its texture. Each author has his or her own moon symbol.



Alexis Frobert

Ariana Daniele

Aylin Manço

Baptiste Lanne

Camille Martaud

Guillaume Sorensen

Léonore Bailhache

Nicola Zaccheddu

Pierre Autexier

Valentin Savoye-Gavarini

Project manager:

Pierre Autexier


Léonore Bailhache and Camille Martaud

Redaction (summary)

Aylin Manço & Guillaume Sorensen

The fonts are Alegreya by Juan Pablo del Peral
and Conqueror by Jean-François Porchez

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