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How to estimate a quote?


The estimation of a quote is always specific and takes into account the identity of the client, his needs and the durability of the project. However, you will find here indicative prices, which may be modified during our discussions. What does my estimate take into account?



I analyse the request and make any necessary changes, I draw up a schedule and propose an initial organisation for meetings and client feedback.




You have 2 to 5 patches staggered during the project depending on its duration. These patches are organised in such a way as to orientate themselves towards the track that seems most relevant to you.




Before each client return, the files are revised, prepared and annotated for your reading and correction comfort.




Images, fonts, calligraphy ink, illustration materials, etc., as well as travel expenses for certain services.




Depending on the context, duration and location of the published product.


The price will be sent to you after our first brief in the form of a quote. This will require a certain amount of time depending on its specificity.
I sometimes offer preferential discounts depending on my client's status (self-employed, non-profit organisations, committed associations, etc.)!








Hour: 50€/h


Day: 275€/d


Week: 2000€/s


Night shift: +30%.


Emergency work (to be finished within 24 hours, depending on the project and the time needed): +30


Follow-up printing: 180€ /half day + transport costs






Visual identity creation ( Logo + business card + correspondence card + letterhead )

2000€ - 3000€


Visual identity redesign ( Logo + business card + correspondence card + letterhead )

1600€ - 2600€



Logo creation

750€ - 1500€


Logo redesign

500€ - 1000€



Business card (depending on visual identity provided, added elements etc...)

300€ - 500€



Correspondence card (depending on visual identity provided, additional elements etc...)

300€ - 500€



Invitation card (depending on visual identity provided, additional elements etc...)

300€ - 500€



Letterhead (depending on visual identity provided, additional elements etc...)

300€ - 500€



Poster (A4 or more, single sided)

A4: 650€-800€ (Depending on content provided)

A3: 800-1000€ (Depending on content provided)

A2 and above: 950€ - 1500€ (Depending on content provided)



Flyer (A5 recto-verso)

500€ - 800€ (Depending on content provided)



Tract (A5 recto)

350€ - 650€ (Depending on content provided)



Sticker A6 max

Creation per unit: 120€ - 180€ (Depending on content provided)

Serial package (more than 3): 90€/sticker

Serial package (more than 7): 65€ /sticker



Commercial brochure (A4 or A3 folded recto-verso)

800€ - 1000€



POS merchandising signage

1000€ -2000€ (Depending on the number and type of panels)


Simple graphic charter for the web (excluding rights)

1200 € à 2000 €  



Banner advertising on social networks (excluding rights)

300€ - 500€



Art direction for Instagram format (excluding execution: delivery of source files) 




Execution for Instagram (Art direction provided)

Post package: 30€/slide








Art direction (excluding execution: delivery of source files) (excluding rights)




Execution (Art direction provided)

Fixed price page: 35€ (excluding rights)

Catalogue, brochure, restaurant menu (Art direction + execution) (excluding rights)

8 pages: €1000 

16 pages: 1700

32 pages: 2200 



Catalogue 32 pages + (depending on the number of pages) (excluding rights)

2000€ - 4500€ €



Web adaptation (Adaptation of the brochure for on-screen reading, addition of interactive elements)

250€ - 800€







Rates are calculated according to the time spent, the format and the technique (black and white or colour? digital drawing or scanned manual?). Regular feedback will be organised.



Original illustration - book cover

800€ - 1100€ (excluding rights)



Original illustration - paperback cover

450 - 950€ (excluding rights)

Original illustration - poster

800€ - 1100€ (excluding rights)



Original illustration - advertising

1000-1500€ (excluding rights)



Series of small illustrations for press articles

Single: 90€ / illustration (excluding rights)

More than 3: 75€ / illustration (excluding rights)

More than 7: 50€ / illustration (excluding rights)



Didactic illustration

150€ - 300€ / illustration (excluding rights)



Illustration for narrative book (depending on technique)

200€ - 350€ / illustration (excluding rights)



Vector illustration (depending on order)

200€ - 450€ / illustration (excluding rights)





Calligraphy + lettering service (Writing, scanning, re-design integration)




Letter design for specific words (Design, scanning and integration)

Letter package: 15€ per letter

Words package: 60€ per word



Lettering (to be integrated in a project)


Mascot creation only (Design without illustrations)

300€ à 1000 €






Image retouching (Depending on the task and number of images)

Fixed price for half a day: 170€.

Fixed price per hour: 35


Adaptation of an image to the publication format 

Fixed price for half a day: 170

Fixed price per hour: 35



Image vectorisation (depending on type and number of images)

35€ - 120 € /image





For the good progress and the efficiency of our collaboration here are some modalities: In case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact me, there are no silly questions!






1. The Client is responsible for the total payment of the present order, even if the work is not diffused.



2. Any correction or additional work caused by the graphic designer Émilie Aurat will be assumed by the latter at no cost. Any correction or additional work caused by the Client will be invoiced in addition by the graphic designer Émilie Aurat in an additional estimate which will take into account the time and the nature of the additional task.






3. Graphic Designer Émilie Aurat will only begin the graphic work after a 30% deposit has been paid. No mock-up, graphic proposal, test or any other service will be provided before the signature of this quote and the receipt of the deposit.



4. All content must be sent at the same time, before the start of the work by the graphic designer Émilie Aurat.



5. Before the start of the project, each content must be checked to avoid any delay and/or additional work.



6. The Client is responsible for the textual content. The graphic designer Émilie Aurat will not be responsible for any spelling errors in the content provided by the Client.



7. Similarly, the images provided by the Client must be of sufficient size and definition to be printable and of good quality. The accepted formats for images are .jpg, .tiff, .png, .pdf. Vector content must be supplied in .eps or .ai. 


Any intervention by the graphic designer Émilie Aurat on content provided by the Client is counted as additional work.





9. In the event that the graphic designer Émilie Aurat is unable to comply with the agreed upon delivery date, she will inform the Client as soon as possible. 

as soon as possible. The Client may then grant a period of grace to the Graphic Designer Émilie Aurat or unilaterally terminate the present contract, provided that it can be proven that it has become impossible to use the Work because of the delay by the Graphic Designer Émilie Aurat.


10. The Client or its representatives are responsible for the supervision and approval of the various stages of the production of the work. Any delay in approval may result in a revision of the delivery date. 

No responsibility will be assumed by Émilie Aurat in the case of inadequate supervision and the work delivered 

be considered acceptable as is by the Client.



11. The Client may only refuse the work if it does not correspond to the description defined by the parties on the back of this contract. Any other form of refusal will be considered as a cancellation of the order.



12. In the event of cancellation of the order, the Client undertakes to pay all production costs. If the cancellation occurs after the work has been completed, the Client undertakes to pay the full (100%) contract price.






13. Subject to the licence provided for hereunder, the graphic designer Émilie Aurat retains full and exclusive ownership of all her 

the work(s) that are the subject of this contract.



14. Upon full payment of the contract price, graphic designer Émilie Aurat grants the Client a licence for the uses described on the reverse side of this contract. 





15. The Client guarantees that it holds the rights required to use all visual and typographical references that it provides to graphic designer Émilie Aurat for the execution and eventual distribution of the work.

Les Disparues de la Seine littéraire:

Female writers from the 16th to the 18th

Artistic direction


Orla Smyth is the PRSH service manager
from the University of Le Havre; It is with her that I collaborated for the assembly of this project.

In history books, women remain very little mentioned despite the many scientific and cultural technological advances in which they have taken part as much as their male counterparts. This has, even today, sociological consequences. His questions are present at the same time in the work of Orla Smyth. The project consisted of two exhibitions highlighting Norman writers from the 16th to the 18th century.

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